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Teamwork – All-in-one PM Solution

Many IT companies have the same issue – finding the appropriate tool to help them improve the management of their teams and projects. Challenges are numerous – creating and assigning tasks and subtasks on a daily basis; setting deadlines; reassigning developers from one project to another; time optimization for the purpose of productivity; following timeline; avoiding a large number of Project Managers who would follow all these processes.

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To Be or Not to Be – A Developer?

An interesting question has crossed my mind some time ago. How do developers perceive themselves and their profession? Not being one, I knew I could not answer this question myself, so I decided to do a little research in order to find out the answer. 

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Game of Codes – The Most Influential Codes Written So Far

“A code line is a *path* *of* *evolution/development* of the canonical set of source files that is required to produce a given software (sub)system.”

“A software metric used to measure the size of a computer program by counting the number of lines in the text of the program’s source code.” 

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