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Syncit Group Blog is truly a great place to read and learn from true developers. This is the place where real-world IT problems get solved. Expand your knowledge with some high-quality articles from our crew of designers, SEO specialists, system administrators, content writers, social networks and marketing mags, Android and IOS developers.

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Personalization in eCommerce: Customizing the Shopping Experience

E-commerce completely changed the way we shop and digitalization completely changed our lives.

The eCommerce offers convenience and accessibility like never before. Many famous companies use personalization to provide content and services tailored specifically to their customers.

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Social Commerce: Using Social Media for eCommerce Growth

When we talk about social commerce, you may think of selling your products or services through social media channels.

And you’re entirely right.

However, as social media networks expand their functionality and their user bases are growing each day, selling through social media is a must when it comes to current eCommerce trends.

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How to Optimize Robots.txt: A Detailed Guide

The robots.txt is a file located in the root directory of the domain and contains directions for search engine bots.

This file is used to prevent bots from crawling certain directories that shouldn’t be in search results and simultaneously save the crawl budget if optimized properly.

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User Experience and SEO: How Are They Related?

The Internet is changing every day since it became available to everyone on the planet.

The evolution of people’s attention spans and their interests decreased making marketers work harder than ever before.

In these terms, getting people to buy from you, especially in the growing competitive landscape, can be difficult at times.

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Syncit Group

Syncit Group is a software company specializing in developing complete eCommerce solutions, creating custom extensions, functionalities, and web design based on the clients’ needs. We are a Magento Business Solution Partner and an Adobe Solution Partner.

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Athena Search

An advanced search platform with customizable UX tools built for eCommerce, easily integrated with Magento 2 and WordPress/WooCommerce web stores.

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Syncit Group Extensions

We develop custom extensions for the Magento 2 platform in order to improve and empower online shopping experience.

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WorkZone Standalone is a mobile application for logging employees’ working hours. It is a prototype version based on GPS and Geofence technology.

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I’m Here!

I’m Here is a Smart Geofencing App that triggers automated notifications based on the users’ location by using GPS and Geofence technology.