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I'm Here App

What is I’m Here?

I’m Here is a platform developed by Syncit Group Company based on Geofence technology. The core of the platform is the GPS technology that is already built in the current mobile devices. 

The user predefines various events that are triggered by the user’s position while entering or leaving geofence zones. At the moment, I’m Here Zone is able to trigger Gmail emails and push notifications automatically based on the users’ location. The automation of sending SMS and WhatsApp messages as well is currently in the development process.

The fact that you can use the GPS of your mobile phones instead of GPS devices which are able to send messages, has brought the system closer to a great number of mobile phone users. Thanks to this, the users do not have to buy GPS devices that have to be connected to the Internet or the GSM network. They can simply use the mobile phones that they already own for sending different types of messages. 

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a technology that defines a virtual boundary around a real-world location area. A radius of interest is established by triggering an action (e.g., sending a text message and/or email) allowing notifications to be generated on a geo-enabled iPhone, Android, or other portable electronic devices.

Needless to say, Geofencing has a huge area of application including both casual and business use. Users can send text messages based on their location area to a friend’s cell phone (Android or iPhone) when they, for example, enter a virtual boundary surrounding a friend’s house. It’s also possible to establish a geofence location area around a neighborhood and send text notifications to Android or iPhone users who expect package delivery from your company. Restaurants can send text messages with the day’s specials when a customer enters a geofence location area.

I’m Here Standalone App

Thanks to the vast possibilities of I’m Here Zone Geofence platform, our company has developed I’m Here. It is an Android and iOS application and it’s available on Google Play and Apple store.

App Use

As a standalone application, it is being used in everyday life for personal needs, and it is free of charge. This app allows users to send pre-generated Gmail emails or push notifications based on their geofence location area. Thus, they inform others, even those who do not own the application, when they enter or leave a geofencing area. The messages can be either default or custom, and you can choose whether to setup recurring or one-time messages. Currently, there is no similar application on Google Play and the Apple Store that generates different types of notifications. 

Define the geographical area by drawing it on the map. Users can create their customized geofence zones by using OpenStreetMap, which ensures a high level of geofence precision. You can further customize the zones by assigning colors and icons to them, as well as by setting the time duration of the zone.

I’m Here Geofencing App UI

I’m Here App – The Best Solution for Road Traffic Safety

According to International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group, nearly 1.25 million people die and tens of millions suffer serious injuries on the roads every year. A great number of these accidents are the consequences of using mobile devices while participating in traffic. Some people use speakerphones in order to reduce the chances of a possible accident. 

Save Lives, Use I'm Here Geofencing App

The Problem

On the other hand, most of the drivers tend to actively text while conducting a motor vehicle. This represents a big problem since they cannot look at the road and the phone at the same time. An article on Wikipedia states that “drivers who text when behind the wheel, are twenty-three times more likely to have an automobile crash.”. Most of these texts have informative content. For example, “I can’t talk right now, I’m driving. I’ll be home in half an hour. What’s for dinner?”. Just think about how long it takes to type in these 85 characters and hit “Send”. That is the amount of time in which you are not completely focused on the road, both physically and mentally. 

The Solution

Now, imagine that you are sitting at home. You install the App and start by creating a custom zone by drawing a free-hand map around your favorite destination. It can be in any shape you like, so make sure to let your creative side shine through.

Then, you choose a color and an icon for the zone, give it an interesting name, and type in the desired content of the message.

After that, define the recipients from your contact that will be receiving your customized message. In case you are not a fan of customization, simply choose one of the predefined messages.

The rest of the options will be set up by default. When you are driving back home from work or business trip, you know that you can count on I’m Here to inform your loved ones or coworkers that you are coming soon. 

More App Benefits

Another convenience of this app is that it can also inform others when a user leaves a predefined zone. For example, you can install the app on your child’s mobile phone and easily set the zones. Thus, you will be constantly aware of its location, e.g., the school, the park, a friend’s house, etc. Bear in mind that your child is also participating in traffic by riding a bike/scooter or walking. You can come up with original message content, such as “Buy, mom and dad! I’m off to school!” or “I’ve just left Eric’s home. Be home in 15 minutes.” Of course, you can always choose the predefined messages. These include simple messages for entering or leaving a zone – “I’m Here” and “I’m leaving”.

Coming Soon – I’m Here Enterprise Solution

Syncit Group is currently developing an enterprise solution on the principles of the SaaS application. This advanced Geofencing solution is going to comprise of a Web platform which represents a master application, and mobile devices that represent slave applications.

App Features

The main features of the enterprise solution will be the following:

  • Creating multiple zones 
  • Storing multiple recipients 
  • Sending default or customized messages 
  • Setting up recurring or one-time messages 
  • Customizing icon and color of each zone 
  • High accuracy 
  • Low battery consumption
  • Comprehensive design 
  • Android Geofence 
  • iPhone Geofence 
  • Sending SMS and WhatsApp messages
  • Sending emails via Gmail
  • Push notifications – Sending and receiving

App Use

Enterprise application is perfect for business users and it has a wide area of service. It can be used in the following fields: fleet management, tourism, hotels, restaurants, shops, location management, marketing services, and many more. 

Fleet Management

One example of the use of this application might be for a Winter Service Vehicle company. Just imagine, you will be able to send automated notifications to the residents of a specific area to move their cars in order for your workers to remove the snow without any difficulties. Extremely convenient, isn’t it?

Fashion Stores

Another example includes a fashion store and its offers. Whenever an I’m Here App user passes your store, they will receive notifications. These can include daily or monthly sales, special prices, new products, etc. This type of brand promotion is crucial for marketing nowadays. It offers a serious edge over the competition which leads to profit increase.

Logging Working Hours

The enterprise version of this Geofencing App is going to have another very convenient use in the form of the check-in/check-out system for the workplace. Thanks to the GPS on your mobile phone combined with the amazing Geofence technology, the App will be able to check in the employees when they enter the office and check them out when they go on a break or finish their workday. 

Stay Tuned…

This is just a sneak-peak into what this Geofencing Mobile App will offer to its users. The best is yet to come, so make sure you keep up with our latest work via social networks and our website. Should you need more information about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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