We Partnered up with accessiBe

AccessiBe Syncit Partnership

accessiBe strives to make the web a better and functional place for anyone, that’s why we partnered up so we can join forces in doing so.

Nowadays, online sales are skyrocketing, and Syncit Group’s goal is to help small businesses enter the online world by helping them develop their eCommerce shops. Or help large businesses make their shops more user-friendly by implementing our AI-powered, SaaS-based solution – Athena Search

But is this enough? 

Is it enough to move brick-and-mortar shops online but not make them accessible to everyone including people with disabilities? 

And if it’s not enough, what can be done as a solution?

Those are the questions our new partner accessiBe has the answers to. Their vision is to make the whole web accessible to everyone before 2025. They strive to achieve their goals by using automation rather than labor so they worked on developing proprietary software that makes websites accessible for people with disabilities. This tool scans and remediates websites’ interfaces in real-time, allowing publishers to achieve ADA and WCAG compliance.

Here is the list of all the qualities their solution has:

  • It is user-oriented
  • It is affordable
  • It achieves a win-win situation for everyone
  • It is scalable 
  • It achieves high accessibility standards 
  • It complies with the legislative requirements

Source: https://accessibe.com/company/vision 

The influence accessiBe has made so far on web accessibility is immense, and we truly admire their cause and vision and would want to help them make the web a better place for anyone. That’s why we partnered up with them hoping that by joining forces we can achieve this much faster and with less effort.

To find out more about them and their solution visit their website.

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