Drive Sales with Site Search [How to Promote Your Products & Services with Merchandising Features]


Every online store owner knows the importance of marketing and sales. When put together, these two can work miracles for generating leads and increasing revenue. That’s exactly where Merchandising features play a crucial role. 

Advanced eCommerce site search platforms have rich Merchandising features that are highly customizable. In the case of Athena Search, these features are located and easily manageable on a separate, user-friendly Dashboard. They make it possible for merchants to show off their products and services to as many relevant customers as possible, with as little effort as possible. Let’s go through them in great detail so you can feel the true power of Athena Search Merchandising features.

Product Promotions

As a website admin, you can easily specify keywords that will boost certain products or exclude them from the search results. Moreover, you can search for products in the same way as your customers do on the site’s frontend. Tip: don’t forget to use search by SKU – so-called boost by SKU. It comes in very handy for highly specific searches and your customers will absolutely love it. Another very useful possibility is adding the expiry date for this rule in case you don’t want it to be active at all times/seasons.

unnamed 10

Promo Banners

Promo banners on the search landing page represent similar usage as on Autocomplete. The only difference is that it is being displayed on the search landing page. There are two available options – a promo banner can be triggered by a specified search term or it can always be displayed.

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An Example of a Banner Triggered by a Specific Keyword

unnamed 12 edited

An Example of a Banner Displayed within a Specific Category

Keyword Redirects

As you may already know by now, with keyword redirects, your customers can reach every inch of your web store. Website admins can specify search terms and target a desired URL for the keyword redirect. That is to say, when your customer types in a keyword and presses ‘Enter’, if there is a keyword redirect, Athena Search will forward them to the destination page instead of the search results page.

unnamed 13

There are many use cases such as redirecting a customer to a specific product or category for a certain keyword entry. It is pretty convenient to redirect your customers to the login page, registration page, orders and returns page, reset password page, FAQ or legal page, and so on. This is what we meant by “reaching every inch of your web store”.


Synonyms are words with similar or exactly the same meanings and they can be unidirectional and bidirectional. You can use Unidirectional synonyms for one-way keyword meaning. With synonyms usage, the search engine’s accuracy increases. They should be used as niche and/or language-specific to get the best possible results.

Synonyms Athena Search copy

Stop Words

Stop words are words that will be ignored in search engine results relevance. These words are usually conjunctions or niche-specific words. You can create the list depending on your specific needs, or you can download our list.

Category Listing

Category Listing or Category Navigation Functionality is an Add-on, a functionality that extends Athena Search over the website categories. Differently put, Athena Search displays category results.

Category listing features:

  • Matched website style – design is completely matched
  • Infinite scroll – automatic load of the product from the next page, no additional effort from the customer needed.
  • Dynamic facets/filters – filters are dynamically displayed based on the product-matched results inside of a category. 
  • Multiple sorting options
  • Filter multi-select – ability to select multiple filters of the same type
  • SEO-friendly filter URLs
  • Visual merchandising – the ability to drag and drop products in order to create a more customized display for the customers
  • Faster than any other native CMS
unnamed 15

To get the whole picture of how Athena Search works, you can explore other key features as well.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to start treating your products and services the way they deserve? Book a free demo and you’ll see how easy it is to drive sales through Athena Search Merchandising features.


Miloš Zlatanović, CIO and Đurđica Ilić, Content Writer


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