Increase your eCommerce Website’s Revenue with a Real-time and Detailed Site Search Reporting

Athena Search Reporting

Data is an integral part of any business, and it can be very time-consuming to collect, store, and analyze it. If you are an online retailer, you are not only trying to predict the behavior of your customers but also to improve their experience as well as your website’s revenue.

In this day and age, collecting, storing, and analyzing data can be exhausting but crucial for your business’s success. This is especially true for your online business. While in stores your sales assistants are your eyes and ears about your customers’ behavior, on your eCommerce store you are left to guess your customers’ behavior and needs. This is unless you have an AI-based site search that can learn and report back to you about everything your customers search on the webshop.

Having an advanced AI-based site search with a real-time Reporting feature can help you make the right decisions when merchandising your products. This way, you can increase your online store’s revenue and improve the efficiency of the sales processes in general. 

Let’s discuss all the features from the Reporting section of the Athena Search advanced SaaS-based software. And look from the standpoint of making your customers more content and consequently making more profit from your website.

Time Segmentation

Segmenting data into smaller groups by using time filters puts you in a better position to analyze it.

Like any advanced analytics, the Reports feature has conveniently a few of the time filters:

  • Today,
  • Yesterday,
  • Last 7 days,
  • This month,
  • Last month,
  • The desired time frame entered by an admin.
Reports Athena Search

Time Filters

Poor Results 

This is probably one of the most important Reporting feature benefits. Athena Search shows you any searches that produced poor results. Searches that provided 1 result, or searches that provided 0 results. Imagine you are in a raincoat business, and people landing on your site search for a yellow umbrella. Wouldn’t you want to know about a new business opportunity that presented itself through these powerful insights?

Let’s consider a more down-to-earth example. Your website visitors keep searching for a sustainable material raincoat. Not only do they want to buy from you, but your customers are eco-friendly-oriented, and you happen to not have such items as part of your huge offer. You know what to do now, right? 

Visual representation of the part of the Athena Search's Dashboard. Poor results list shown.

Poor Results List

Get to know them even better

Reporting feature can help you get to know your customers even better as it provides you with the following insights:

  • A graphic display of the number of daily searches. It is represented by a curve that shows the number of searches during the selected period.
  • A list of countries and the number of searches by countries from which the searches have been performed.
  • A list of devices via which the web store has been accessed and the number of searches by the device.
  • A list of browsers via which the web store has been accessed and the number of searches by the browser.

All of these insights can be something your Marketing and UI/UX teams can greatly benefit from. 

Visual representation of the part of the Athena Search's Dashboard. Photo is showing devices via which the web store has been accessed. Data is shown with the pie chart.

Device Reports

Conversion Rate

Athena Search keeps track of the conversions made directly through search usage. When a customer uses the search and adds products to the cart, Athena Search will track such behavior but it will mark it as a successful conversion only after the order has been placed. It even tracks orders that are only partially made through the search.

By doing so, Athena Search directly displays its value to you as the website owner.

Stay in control

Last but not least, Reporting allows you to set an email address to which this SaaS-based software will send weekly and monthly reports with all the above-discussed insights. So, while you have a person in charge of the dashboard and detailed settings, you can still be knowledgeable about what is happening with your store’s analytics. 

Wrapping it all up

Which site search are you currently using? Are you satisfied with the results and the data its analytics are providing to you? Can you leverage the provided insights for increased revenue on your store?

If you want to increase your store’s conversion and the overall ROI, you should definitely try Athena Search.

To find out more about this amazing software check out our more elaborate blog post on Athena Search or schedule your FREE demo right now.


Miloš Zlatanović, CIO and Itana Stanojević, Marketing Manager

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