An advanced Search platform is crucial for boosting eCommerce websites. For this reason, we have created Athena Search.

Integrating AI-based Site Search with Your eCommerce Store

A platform that is powered by a smart, self-learning AI engine can be integrated with the Magento 2 or WordPress/WooCommerce platforms, or through the OPEN API calls with any eCommerce platform out there.

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Increase your eCommerce Website’s Revenue with a Real-time and Detailed Site Search Reporting

Data is an integral part of any business, and it can be very time-consuming to collect, store, and analyze it. If you are an online retailer, you are not only trying to predict the behavior of your customers but also to improve their experience as well as your website’s revenue.

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Drive Sales with Site Search [How to Promote Your Products & Services with Merchandising Features]

Every online store owner knows the importance of marketing and sales. When put together, these two can work miracles for generating leads and increasing revenue. That’s exactly where Merchandising features play a crucial role. 

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Why do First Impressions on Your eCommerce Site Matter? [How to Use Autocomplete to Increase ROI]

Implementing an advanced autocomplete is crucial for eCommerce stores. Wanna know why? Stick with us and find out.

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Syncit Group’s Athena Search – Built for eCommerce

Why is Search so important for eCommerce websites? Because it guides the users through the sales funnel directly to the purchase. As such, it represents the most important functionality on your site.

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