Integrating AI-based Site Search with Your eCommerce Store

Athena Search Integrations

A platform that is powered by a smart, self-learning AI engine can be integrated with the Magento 2 or WordPress/WooCommerce platforms, or through the OPEN API calls with any eCommerce platform out there.

Not to brag, but except for having awesome features like Autocomplete, Merchandising, and Reporting, Syncit Group’s AI-based site search, Athena Search, can be easily integrated with any website out there. 

Let’s explore all integration options together!


With the ready-made extension, you can easily integrate our AI-powered site search with your Magento 2 store.

Your store deserves the best 

Your Magento store deserves a user-friendly, intuitive, and advanced search that returns the most relevant search results to your customers. With Athena’s smart predictions, rich autocomplete, and a wide range of customizable features, you’re sure to increase traffic, sales, and customer loyalty.

Your customers deserve the best 

Set up the appropriate Synonyms, Keyword Redirects, and smart filters such as product SKU, availability, category, or brand. This way, you are sure to support your clients through a personalized shopping experience and help them reach desired products faster. Relevant, fast, and precise results are directly related to smart, intuitive, and customizable search features.

Your products deserve the best 

Set the order of product appearance on a specific category or storefront to ensure that top products and best offers are always available to your customers. A carefully curated selection of the most recent, best-selling, and most-searched items will undoubtedly boost your conversion rate.

Your business deserves the best

It is undeniable that your store’s overall revenue will grow continuously. This is not just another empty promise, but a fact proven by our loyal customers.


For another seamless integration for either your blog or WooCommerce store, we have created a plugin for WordPress plugin.

Your Blog deserves the best 

WordPress posts can be ordered, tagged, and categorized to your liking. By Integrating Athena Search’s advanced technology you are making it easier for your readers to find the right blog post. Another significant advantage of integration is automated WordPress blog post indexing.

It is a one-time setup solution that can save precious time, as every new blog post is indexed the moment the Publish button has been hit.

Your store deserves the best 

You will be able to provide a seamless search experience, and simple and well-organized navigation that leads to products and other important web store information, increase conversion rates, and create a loyal customer base by integrating our advanced search technology with your WooCommerce store. All you need is Athena’s highly customizable UX and merchandising features, as well as a dash of creativity.

Custom-built Websites and PWAs?

What about the cases in which your store is not built on any of the before-mentioned platforms or is a PWA (Progressive Web App)? No reasons for worry. Using Open APIs you can integrate Athena Search for a fraction of time, and make your custom store or your PWA one of a kind. Unique, yet modern and powered by AI, helping your customers have a great user experience and find your products effortlessly. Consequently, you will increase your revenue. There’s simply nothing more to wish for.

Other Platforms 

Even though by using Open APIs you can integrate our site search with any website out there, including Shopify and BigCommerce, we are working on building ready-made solutions for both of these platforms, as well as for many other popular platforms on the market. 

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Miloš Zlatanović, CIO and Itana Stanojević, Marketing Manager

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