How to Create a Powerful Brand Identity with Magento 2

Magento Brand Identity

Branding a web store is an interesting task and not at all easy as it might seem. One part is a promotional activity. The other part, which is our focus today, is the technical process of branding a web store.

Combine the latest web coding standards animated with some beautiful transitions, mixed with textures, lines, photos, and text. The mixture of these will reflect the uniqueness of your brand. Of course, this will result in a seamless shopping experience and loyal customers.

In this article, we are going to talk about both Magento 2 Commerce and Community Editions. If you want to find out more about these two editions, you can read one of our previous blog posts.

Powerful eCommerce CMS included in the box

CMS or Content Management System is a platform that has got structured modularly tools (in-site programmatic functionality – web services). These allow users to manage (add, edit, delete) the content of a website. Good brands should be more than the sum of the services they provide.

Without a doubt, web services implemented in M2 will make your customers completely satisfied with your web store. That experience will, in their mind, define the standards of how de-facto the web store should be functioning.

Magento 2 is built upon the best eCommerce design principles. What is more, it is extended with advanced security mechanisms. These include enhanced password management, improved prevention of cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, more flexible file system ownership and permissions, improved prevention of clickjacking exploits, use of non-default Magento Admin URL, etc.

Magento 2 CMS – a helpful tool for executing brand strategy

When you start working on a website, you need to implement your brand typography guidelines into a web environment. With modern web tools like Web fonts, CSS3, and SVG it is easier to successfully implement it. This will promote your clear recognition in a crowd of other competitors. All the other parts of a Magento website (i.e., header, main, sidebars, footer) enable designers to easily implement and create a state-of-the-art UI and UX design.

Your website’s identity is the “face” that interacts with the entire world. It communicates exactly who you are and what your brand represents. Playing online with built-in tools like layered navigation, wishlist, or newsletters, you will get instant feedback. The analysis will inform you in great detail about what your customers want to engage and interact with.

Magento 2 – a scalable and flexible solution


The platform can grow and evolve with the brand. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to temporarily change the look of the store. You can do it for each of your marketing campaigns, promotions, or important dates throughout the year. Simply apply the Theme Configuration whose purpose is to automate the site design changes for specific occasions. For example, you can configure a custom theme to display for the Christmas season. This allows you to be more competitive, i.e., respond to your rival’s marketing campaigns and offers quicker than ever.


With Magento 2 capabilities, you are able to serve your customers on many different levels. This diversity will be reflected in your online store and your brand. As a result, you will improve your customers’ experience and gain their trust. Also, you can set up certain points for certain customer actions. Then, you can assign a conversion rate between points and currencies. This innovative functionality, the Reward Points System, is exclusively present in Magento 2 Commerce Edition. This successfully expands the Catalog/Sale Rules of M2 Community Edition.

A strong brand identity needs to work for everyone

Of course, your customers will be more than satisfied with your online services. But, your internal team (e.g., brand ambassadors, content creators, admins) will also be thrilled. They will enjoy the power of such a great set of “tools” that provides a seamless interaction. Magento provides powerful business intelligence capabilities that can easily get data from all over the place. Moreover, it can turn it into an insight that swiftly leads to actions on a daily basis.

Magento Dashboard

Magento dashboard displays critical pieces of information such as the number of orders, shopping cart conversion rate, revenue per visitor, revenue from repeat customers, and other data for a particular period of time. A completely redesigned admin panel will make everyday tasks intuitive. After all, your working hours will be more comfortable and enjoyable.

Magento 2 reports panel

Be there when they need you

Grant your customers extra benefits and undeniable security that your competition cannot.

Conversion Rate

When it comes to direct financial benefits, Magento 2 takes care of the conversion rate. It minimizes the number of shoppers that abandon the carts. Most of them get lost during the process of registration or a long and unclear shopping checkout process. This is the reason why Magento 2 has designed an improved checkout process that consists of two simple steps.


Moreover, the site now recognizes if a user has a registered account or not. Also, it encourages a shopper to register post-order, instead of asking for a prior sign-up. This functionality, together with the shipping process, will create “a loyal customer”. They own the confidence in your ability to deliver what they want, and where they want.


Shipping is a part of the online shopping experience and can determine customers’ lifetime value. In order to stay competitive and provide the best user experience, you need to offer different shipping methods.

Different types of shipping methods are automatically reviewed by Magento Shipping technology. Moreover, they are available to customers in the cart and at checkout. Also, you will have nice flexibility in the admin panel. You can make changes to any of these rules in an instant.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness represents the extent to which your audience can recognize and connect with your brand. It is the first association they have in mind when they hear your brand’s name or see your logo. And here are some good examples:

  • Mercedes — luxury vehicles,
  • Toyota — reliable vehicles,
  • Jeep — rugged vehicles.

Of course, your goal is to create a positive association related to your brand. And naturally, all your efforts must go towards your customers’ needs. After they make a purchase and receive the product, they should feel satisfied. In other words, they must feel like they have made the right decision by shopping on your site.

A Few Tips

In the end, make sure to offer interesting content in addition to the products on your web store. So, here are a few tips that can help you make stronger brand awareness:

  • Create a Blog with interesting topics concerning your industry.
  • Keep a company log in order for your customers to get to know the minds behind the store.
  • Offer some onsite benefits that will make your customers satisfied with using your exact service or product.
  • Create an online catalog, editorials, and other interactive toys.
  • Put quality photos on your website. Hire a professional photographer to take photos of your business environment, employees, manufacturing processes, or storage facilities.
  • Enrich the installation instructions for your products with useful video tutorials, write recipes, some advice, tips & tricks.
  • Add a live chat functionality to give your customers a chance to share their experiences.
  • Integrate other apps into the system and set Magento as a supplier for your other apps.
  • Above all, enable any type of user interaction. Reward users’ reviews and encourage them to write. Social media interaction is very important.
  • Write an attention-grabbing newsletter.
  • Improve page load time in order to make the content of your page easily accessible.

Wrap Up

Magento serves as a one-stop solution for prominent businesses since it fulfills almost all the essential features. Moreover, you can upgrade it to a custom platform adapted to you and your business needs.

Magento 2 will create the preconditions for your eCommerce site to be successful. Of course, this will help you create a loyal customer base excited to buy your products time and time again.

In SynIt Group, we take pride in building, continuously improving, and supporting Magento stores. After all, our company is a Magento Business Solution Partner with certified developers. With our deep knowledge, we can help you with design, development, performance improvements, ongoing maintenance, and technical support.

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